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Sales Service

With competitive cost control, fast response production and delivery, rigorous testing, and reliable quality assurance,

Changke Connect provides you with the most cost-effective products and services.

1.   Company normal office hours (Beijing time)

      Monday to Friday (except national holidays) Morning: 8:30 to 12:00  Afternoon: 13:30 to 18:00

      Weekend (breakday emergency call   Mr. Zhou (13148846638))


2.   Order process 


Ordering Information: Customers can contact the company's business personnel by phone, email or

business information platform.

Confirmation of information: After receiving the customer order information, the company's business

personnel will verify the customer's data and confirm the product specifications, unit price, delivery date,

transportation method, payment terms, etc. If the product requires special packaging, it must be confirmed by both parties.

Purchase and sale contract: After the information is confirmed, the company's business personnel will make the "Product Purchase and Sale Contract" to the customer for reconfirmation and signing. If there is any

shortage of goods, the salesman will contact the customer whether to exchange the goods or handle the

goods when they are available. The transaction takes effect after the contract is signed.

Remittance/receipt confirmation: After the two parties sign the purchase and sale contract, the client pays with the company's designated collection channel.

Delivery Arrangement: The company confirms that the customer's payment is delivered to the account and

is delivered according to the delivery schedule agreed by the salesperson and the customer.


3.   Solemnly declare:

The client will send the money to the company. The company will issue the

bank account information in writing, with the official seal or financial seal. Any account information notified by the verbal form is not a company behavior.

Please confirm the account information before payment. The company does

not assume any responsibility for the economic losses caused by the

company and trademarks, product names, model numbers, etc., referred to in the catalogue are for reference only and their ownership is the property of the original holder.                

The company has the final right to interpret this ordering instructions and

related terms, such content updates, revisions or product catalogs, website

revisions without notice.

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